It's a bold quest. It's a challenging quest, but it's a quest of promise.

Our History and Mission

Harper's Quest (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) was founded January 2016 by Michael and Megan Yockey, parents of our namesake Harper.   It was a glimmer of hope that set the stage for the creation of this organization. 

As parents of a child with a rare genetic disorder known as Lamb-Shaffer Syndrome, and new advocates for those fighting genetic disorders around the world, they formed Harper's Quest.  The team at HQ is dedicated to supporting genetic research into these rare disorders that are contributing to intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Due to a lack of genetic testing when developmental delays are evident in a child's growth, these disorders are easily overlooked. 

We strive to partner with leading edge research organizations to find answers and provide new ways of offering support to these children. 

Our Research Partnership

Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute in Cleveland, Ohio

We have established a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute where a team is currently working on research of Global Developmental Delays (GDD) and specifically SOX5 gene deletions.  The institute has agreed to take on further research to assist Harper and other children with similar developmental delays.  See for more information on this organization.